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Introduction: Acupressure is the science of nature, which teaches us how to cure the disease by our own natural healing power or in built mechanism of the body. It can also be termed as the process of curing one self by his own electric current “CHETNA” present in the body. Acupressure is an ancient therapy. Acupressure and acupuncture first originated in India. Then later Buddhist monk took it to other countries and spread it to China, Egypt and other parts of Asia.

Acupressure is officially recognized and is extensively used in China, Japan, and Korea. It has been employed in the east for about 1000 years, for maintaining health.

A detailed study has shown about 1000 Acupressure points on our body. About 90 to 100 points are important for common disorders of human body. Many diseases can be cured or prevented with the help of this therapy. Acupressure can play an important role in maintaining health of an individual. It is a cheap treatment, and is free from any side effect.

Benefits: Acupressure tones up and increases the efficiency of the body by strengthening the joint, muscles, digestive system, brain, heart and the eyes. Treatment can be taken as often as needed. A list of diseases which can be effectively treated by acupressure is as follows-
Acute and chronic designator, acute sinusitis, bronchial asthma, common cold, constipation, cataract, tonsillitis, paining of eyes, severe bronchitis, retinas, myopia, toothache, flatulence, ulcerin, stomach, pharyngitis, throat pain, hiccough, diarrhea, headache, migraine, facial paralysis, neuropathy, stiffness of shoulders, tennis elbow, sciatica, back ache, osteoarthritis, nocturnal dieresis, paralysis etc.

Precaution: Acupressure should not be used in very serious case like fractures, in case of newborn babies and in pregnant women. It is advisable that this treatment should be taken during empty stomach or 1 to 2 hours after heavy meal. It is observed that some people apply pressure for a longer time in the hope of an early cure. This above act could damage the switches due to overworking.